About Us Sunset Contractors

About Sunset Contractors.

Sunset Contractor, Developers and Suppliers Ltd was incorporated in Uganda on the 7th of May 2003, to provide integrated innovations in the fields of Engineering / Technical solutions and turnkey managerial facilities in Uganda and across the Great lakes Region. We are also a subsidiary of the prestigious amalgamation of companies "SUNSET AND NEWMAN GROUP INTERNATIONAL - U.S.A.

Our experience is widely diversified and covers a wide spectrum of services:
  1. Agro business
  2. technical services
  3. transportation
  4. financial services
  5. general trading
  6. real estate among other services.

Our Engineering services aim at providing clients with innovative services in Construction, Structural Engineering, and Civil Engineering among other fields of engineering.

Our Company started on a small scale but over the years we have grown, evolved, diversified and emerged as one of the leading firms in providing a wide range of services recognized and based on quality.

Our mission is To provide excellent multiple services and investments with ethical standards, passion and commitment towards the satisfaction of our clients and promotion of our national, regional and global company values