Oil and Gas Drilling Sunset Contractors

Sunset Contractors provide oilfield services and operates an established contract drilling and well servicing business to oil and gas exploration and production companies.

We are focused on providing contract drilling and workover rigs to International and National oil and gas companies for technologically advanced, high performance drilling operations. Through our application of delivering value through growth and innovation we concentrate on:

  • Providing fit-for-project drilling solutions
  • Specialized ATS® (Advanced Technology Single) and ATD® (Advanced Technology Double) and Rack and Pinion rigs technology provides our customers with choices for fast efficient shallow to medium drilling application
  • Large deep drilling rigs for complex exploration and development campaigns

Sunset Contractors has a number of advantages which include but not limited to;

  • Commitment to QHSE Performance
  • Advanced Technology rigs designed around a set of core features
    • AC/VFD Remote Monitoring
    • Instrumentation/Data Acquisition
    • Pipe Automation
    • Rig Mobility
    • Innovative Mud Handling
  • Systematic start-up plan